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Conventional long form name: Republic of Singapore
Conventional short form name: Singapore
Internet Country Code: .sg
Official Languages: Mandarin, English, Malay, Tamil
Population: 5,921,231 (2022)
Urban Population: 100%
Time Zone: Singapore Standard Time (SGT or SST), UTC +8, Daylight Savings Time not observed
Phone Number Country Code: 65
Landline Phone Number Format: 8 digits, first digit is 3 or 6 (3XXX XXXX or 6XXX XXXX)
Cell Phone Number Format: 8 digits, first digit is either an 8 or a 9 (8XXX XXXX or 9XXX XXXX)
Calling to Singapore from the United States or Canada: 011 65 XXXX XXXX
Clock: Government sites and banks use AM/PM to designate time. Stores may list their open hours in 12 or 24-hour time
Dates: DD/MM/YYYY (when presented in English)
Currency: Singapore Dollar; currency code is SGD; symbol is $, or S$
Thousands Separator (comma) and Decimal Mark (dot): 1,234,567.89 
Standard Work Week: 44 hours
Annual Leave: Eligible after 3 months and are covered under the Employment Act; Earn 7 days after one year and up from there; prorated for portions of years. Due to competition for good workers, you may need to offer more than the legal minimum
Voting Age: 21 and compulsory
Drinking Age: 18


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KNOWLEDGE BASE Facts About Singapore