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Singaporean school children

Education in Singapore


Singaporeans are Educated

Marketers in Singapore can enjoy a relatively educated population, as education is highly valued.  Primary education is free and lasts for six to eight years. While the language of instruction is English, students are also required to learn any one of the other three official languages. As students move into the secondary level, they are placed into academic or vocational and commercial tracks. Those in the academic tracks move into four or five more years of instruction.  Academic performance determines who moves on to higher education.  There are usually two or three years of pre-university instruction followed by enrollment at a technical college or university.

The younger Singaporean population is reaching higher and higher levels of education, made available by greater schooling opportunities.  Women are also catching up with men in the level of education they are attaining. With an increasingly educated population, income levels rise and the workforce of potential employees increases.

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Latest Statistics on education, language spoken and literacy as compiled by the Ministry of Education, Singapore Department of Statistics and the various institutions of higher learning



KNOWLEDGE BASE Education In Singapore