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As a member of the European Union (EU), Dutch companies have easy access to the other member states of the EU, providing a much bigger market than just the Netherlands itself. Rotterdam is among the world's top ports in both cargo volume and container traffic, and the top port for Europe.

Amsterdam is a rising star among statup hubs, regularly hitting lists of top European startup cities to consider. According to a poll from Startup Heatmap Europe published by the European Startup Initiative, 17% of startup founders reported that Amsterdam was among the top cities they would choose if they could start all over again. Amsterdam placed fourth behind London, Berlin, and Barcelona. 

Each company will have its own reasons for choosing a new country for expansion. We've compiled a number of facts and figures to help you better understand the Netherlands and how it fits with your global expansion strategy. 


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Government of the Netherlands - The official web portal of the Netherlands' government

Central Bureau of Statistics - Official site for Netherlands' national statistics

NOM - NOM Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) operates as a sort of marketing & sales organization for the Northern Netherlands. We pay visits to many entrepreneurs and companies in the region every year. During these visits, we discuss their success factors, their role in the supply chain, their vision of the future and the obstacles they face. We use this information to come up with propositions for the important sectors with the aim of enticing foreign companies to establish in the Northern Netherlands. It is here that they will find the conditions they need to achieve their ambitions.

InvestEU - InvestEU is the essential resource for modern investors seeking to learn more about Europe’s unique investment opportunities. Through the Invest in EU magazine, portal and weekly newsletter, we aim to market and analyse investment destinations, various industry sectors & investment opportunities in Europe(EU).  

Access2Markets Trade Helpdesk - The European Commission's Access2Markets Export Helpdesk provides a free online service covering all import rules in force in the EU on a product-by-product and country-by-county basis.


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KNOWLEDGE BASE Netherlands Fact And Figures