American Cyber Security Management

American Cyber Security Management (ACSM) is a leader in data privacy, cybersecurity, and secure DevOps. Our mission is to help Small-to-Medium Enterprises protect their data from internal and external threats. We offer on-demand assessment,...
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Global PEO Services


Global PEO Services (GPS) helps companies hire employees fast without having to set up legal entities in foreign jurisdictions and deal with related HR, Benefits, Payroll, Tax, and Accounting issues. Hire employees in days, test new markets, or...
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Osborne Clarke

+44 20 7105 7000

Over the last 16 years, Osborne Clarke has been a trusted advisor in the US for international expansion. Osborne Clarke  is a global law firm with over 1200 lawyers across 21 offices worldwide that advises some of the best known and most...
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Federal Public Service Employment, Labour & Social Dialogue

The Belgian National Strategy on Wellbeing at Work (Occupational Safety and Health) determines the policy context of the FPS Employment, Labour and Social Dialogue, from the Minister of Work and all stakeholders involved in the wellbeing at work...
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Invest in Flanders

They facilitate investment projects in Flanders and we give support to Flemish export companies ...
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Invest in Wallonia

The Wallonia Export-Investment Agency (AWEX), is a Public Interest Organisation in Wallonia created in 1998. It constitutes a one-stop shop for all foreign companies interested in locating to Wallonia or expanding their existing activities and is the...
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Invest in Brussels

Invest in Brussels was created in 2003 by the Brussels Capital Region to promote, attract and retain foreign direct investment in Brussels. In 2011, Invest in Brussels and Brussels Export (export promotion) joined forces in a new organization...
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Invest in Belgium

Are you interested in investing in Belgium? Their website shows a number of reasons why you should do so. It explains the tax benefits and presents the three Belgian regions. The website also offers information for...
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STATBEL - National Statistics of Belgium

0800 120 33

Statbel, the Belgian statistical office, collects, produces and disseminates reliable and relevant figures on the Belgian economy, society and territory.
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Invest in EU

Invest in EU is the essential resource for modern investors seeking to learn more about Europe’s unique investment opportunities. Through the Invest in EU magazine, portal and weekly newsletter, we aim to market and analyse investment...
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EU GDPR Portal

This website is a resource to educate the public about the main elements of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
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World Economic Forum Global Human Capital Report

The Global Human Capital Index featured in this Report aims to provide a holistic assessment of a country’s human capital—both current and expected—across its population. It enables effective comparisons across regions,...
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