KNOWLEDGE BASE Spain Resources: Employment, Visas, FDI, Statistics, Global Rankings


We have compiled a list of government and global resources to help you learn more about Spain, its employment and visas regulations, people, foreign direct investment organization, and aspects of doing business in the country. Use this information to help you make informed decisions about locating your business, or a division of your business, in Spain.


Government Resources 

Gobierno de España - The official web portal of the Spanish government

INE - National Statistics Institute - Official site for Spain's national statistics

Invest in Spain - Spain's regulatory and institutional framework is modern, clear, and transparent, aligned with the best practices and norms of the OECD. In recent years, the implementation of a series of far-reaching structural reforms has reinforced the competitiveness of the business climate, increasing labor market flexibility and improving the conditions for the development and growth of new companies and corporate groups in the market. In addition, Spain has achieved a high degree of technological development and offers a highly qualified workforce that is recognized internationally, together generating an ideal, attractive framework for investment and business activities.

Invest in EU - Invest in EU is the essential resource for modern investors seeking to learn more about Europe’s unique investment opportunities. Through the Invest in EU magazine, portal and weekly newsletter, we aim to market and analyse investment destinations, various industry sectors & investment opportunities in Europe(EU).  

Trade Helpdesk - The European Commission's Export Helpdesk provides a free online service covering all import rules in force in the EU on a product-by-product and country-by-county basis.


Additional Information On Spain

Data Privacy & Data Security Resources

Employment In Spain

Global Reports and Rankings for Spain

KNOWLEDGE BASE Spain Resources: Employment, Visas, FDI, Statistics, Global Rankings