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You may have selected Germany for your global expansion because it's such an important market in the European Union and the rest of the world. And while Germany does present a significant opportunity to many countries, there are cultural differences that you may not have considered. By first understanding the German people and the culture, you will get a better sense for how your product or service will resonate with them and what adjustments you might need to make to lead to your expansion success. What more do you need to know about the people before you land in the German market? This understanding will inform your decisions around how you interact, your go-to-market strategy, and any product localization that may be required. 


Use this information to help you think about the German people and culture.

Get the basic Facts About Germany, such as population, language, currency, time zone, formatting for time, dates, phone numbers, and more.
Understand the population, ethnicity, and language of Germany as part of your market validation. 
If your product or service is tied to holidays or religion, review the holiday calendar for Germany and the religious makeup of its people. 
Learn about the educational makeup of Germany and dig into government resources if your product or service is dependent on that knowledge. 
If you need to understand the status of women in Germany, use this resource that evaluates women around the world. 
Germany provides a great deal of information on the age profile of its citizens, if your product or service is age-dependent.


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Globig Resources

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KNOWLEDGE BASE German Demographics And Culture