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While it would be so much easier if we could take our product or service as it is and set it into a new market, it rarely works quite that simply. Globig will help you think through the ways in which you can localize for Germany. 

Use this information to help you understand what needs to be localized in your product or service for Germany and how you can get it done.

Determine the things you need to change such as language, time zones, currency, and how date and time are presented, then plan for making those changes in your development process
Know why you should be deploying an international SEO plan and follow the steps in the International SEO For Germany section
Understand language localization and the things you can do for Germany in the Language Localization For Germany section
Understand the functional and cultural localization changes to make for Germany in the Cultural Localization For Germany section


Globig Knowledge Base

Learn more about localization in these related Globig Knowledge Base sections.

International SEO For Germany

Language Localization For Germany

Cultural Localization For Germany

Use these related resources if you would like to learn more about localization on your own. 

Internationalization and Localization

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International SEO

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National Culture

Hofstede Center

Map the Dimensions on a World Map - In this video each dimension is explained and then mapped on the world, showing how different parts of the world compare.

If you’d like to hear Geert Hofstede himself describe these spectrums, the following short videos can be viewed:

10 Minutes on Power Distance

10 Minutes on Uncertainty Avoidance

10 Minutes on Masculinity vs. Femininity

10 Minutes on Individualism vs. Collectivism

10 Minutes on Long Term  vs. Short Term Orientation

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KNOWLEDGE BASE Localization For Germany