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In the interim, here are some helpful resources for you, especially if you're new to import/export. 

The information on this page was current at the time it was published. Regulations, trends, statistics, and other information are constantly changing. While we strive to update our Knowledge Base, we strongly suggest you use these pages as a general guide and be sure to verify any regulations, statistics, guidelines, or other information that are important to your efforts.

USA Import/Export Resources

A Basic Guide To Exporting 

Doing Business International by World Bank  

Free Online Import/Export Training 

Trading Across Borders

Glossary of Terms 

Trade Legal Terms 


A set of rules which define the responsibility of sellers and buyers for the delivery of goods under sales contracts published by the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)

Schedule B and Harmonized System Numbers 

The Harmonized System (HS) assigns a 6-digit number to each product that is traded internationally. Each country can assign, on its own, four additional numbers, making the entire number 10 digits.

Export Licenses 

Freight Forwarders

Shippers’ Associations

Tariffs or Duties

US Customs and Border Protection

KNOWLEDGE BASE Import - Export Business