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If you are expanding into a new country, you are now faced with how you will staff your operation. You may be able to do it from your home country, but chances are you are going to need people on the ground. This is an area where you will want to obtain assistance from someone familiar with local laws and regulations to ensure that you completely understand your options and are in compliance with HR laws and regulations. 


Use this information to help you build your workforce in the US.

Familiarize yourself with Employment Law In The US
Decide who you would like your first employees to be in the US - Will you go? Send people from the home office? Hire locally?
Determine if they will be they be temporary or permanent, and if temporary, freelance, consultants, contractors
For any employee going into the US, know your visa options
Determine where you need help with understanding your options and any applicable regulations


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KNOWLEDGE BASE Building Your Workforce In The US