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Many countries have vibrant startup communities with VCs and angel investors. The strength of, and support for, startups in any given country may also play into your decision to expand there. 


Read through the US Startup Econsystem section to get an idea for what startup resources are available in select cities.

Decide what startup resources you would like to take advantage of, such as co-working spaces, events, accelerators, and incubators
Review the resources for San Francisco/Silicon Valley, Denver/Boulder, New York City, and Austin


Globig Knowledge Base

Learn more about the US startup community in this related Globig Knowledge Base section.

US Startup Econsystem


Globig Resources

Use these resources if you would like to learn more on your own. 


San Francisco/Silicon Valley startup resources:

Startup California

Startup Digest


Denver/Boulder startup resources:

Colorado Technology Association

Built In Colorado

Startup Colorado

Startup Colorado startup map

Denver Startup Week

Boulder Startup Week

Startup Digest


New York City startup resources:

Built In NYC

Startup New York

Startup Digest


Austin startup resources:

Built In Austin

Startup Digest


Globig Marketplace

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The Globig Marketplace contains quality, vetted service providers who can help you. Review your options, learn more about them, and even send them an RFI. 



Do you have additional questions or want some help?

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KNOWLEDGE BASE US Startup Community