KNOWLEDGE BASE US Go-To-Market Strategy



Are you ready to start your go-to-market plan? Do you have all of the marketing how-to's for the US? Globig provides all of the information, resources, and contacts you need to plan and execute your go-to-market strategy for the US.


Develop your US go-to-market plan with the information in the How-To Marketing For The US sections.

Conduct market research in the US to help you validate product-market fit
Understand influencer marketing and develop your own strategy for working with influencers who can help you promote your product
If you plan to use email marketing in the US, understand the laaws and regulations that apply, how to comply, and risks of noncompliance. 
If you plan to use direct mail marketing, understand the regulations that apply.
Plan your social media marketing strategy. Understand the social media culture, what platforms are most popular, and how they are used. 
Review the applicable advertising laws and regulations to which you are subject if you advertise in the US. 
Follow the step by step plan for developing an international PR campaign. 
If you plan to use prize promotions or competitions in the US, be aware of the laws and regulations that apply and the risks of noncompliance. 
Understand the telephone marketing regulations if you plan to use those strategies. Know the regulations that apply, how to comply, and the risks of noncompliance.
Know the data protection regulations that apply tin the US.
Review the sales and billing regulations that  govern sales, billing, and pricing in the United States. 


Globig Knowledge Base

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KNOWLEDGE BASE US Go-To-Market Strategy