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Hiring and Recruiting in Ireland

Ireland was voted #1 in the world for the flexibility and adaptability of its workforce in the 2016 IMD Competitiveness Yearbook. Besides access to a talented Irish workforce, Ireland is also an attractive place in which to live and work for internationally mobile staff. 

Globig Marketplace: The Globig Marketplace includes a number of companies in Ireland who can assist in Recruiting and Talent Acquisition.

Recruiting Agencies: These agencies in Ireland can handle the whole process for you including advertising, screening CVs and conducting short-list interviews, coordinating interviews and negotiating offers. The fee is one-off and generally ranges from 15-25% of the candidate's annual salary. 

The Department of Social Protection: The Department can help you with the entire process - advertise jobs, source candidates, and assist you with the selection process - at no cost to you. You can use their services in whole or in part, for instance, you can post a job on their online jobs board and handle the rest yourself. The service includes automatic candidate matching against your job and candidate requirements. There is no charge for this service and the Department can also advise on the range of financial support and other services available. 

Online Sourcing/Advertising: You can always use your own in-house recruiting and online advertising. Companies in Ireland also use,, and specialist trade magazines and newspapers. 

Universities and Colleges: Universities and colleges in Ireland are eager to work with companies in sourcing talent. They will source candidates through their careers departments free of charge and you are under no obligation to hire from the short list they present to you. 

KNOWLEDGE BASE Hiring & Recruiting In Ireland