KNOWLEDGE BASE Employment Law Basics In Ireland

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Employment Law Basics in Ireland

Legal Requirements and Terms and Conditions of Employment

We strongly recommend that persons establishing a business in Ireland obtain independent professional advice in relation to compliance with Irish employment law. Employers are responsible for ensuring all their employees receive certain basic employment rights. These rights are governed by detailed employment legislation. If you employ people or are setting up a business that will employ people, you need to be familiar with your responsibilities and with your employees' rights. 

More information is available from the Workplace Relations Commission's Information and Customer Service or from bodies representing your business sector, such as ISME (Irish Small and Medium Size Enterprises Association) or the Small Firms Association. The guide for employers, Employment Law Explained (pdf) and the general guide to employment law (pdf) are useful to review. You can find other employment guides at the Workplace Relations site. You can also obtain information and advice for employers on employing staff with disabilities through the Employers' Disability Information Service. 

Employers engage people on contracts of service or contracts of services. 

Contract of service: An employee protected by the full range of employment legislation

Contract of services: An independent contractor or self-employed person

Within 2 months of employment, an employer must give their employee certain terms and conditions of employment in writing, including the full name of the employer and employee and details of the job title, the pay, hours of pay, and notice requirements. More information is available at the Citizens Information site. 

Here is some additional information useful to employers:

Minimum rates of pay 

Annual leave

Maternity leave

Redundancy payments

General employment permits

KNOWLEDGE BASE Employment Law Basics In Ireland