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Loic Chabardes

PM@Apple; MBA@INSEAD; Love Tech & Startups

Charlotte Chin

The Internet always wins. Digital native & foodie crusader at heart. Zealous about the Internet, tech, startups & media. 24 years young.

Sanjeev Magotra

Cloud, Mobility, Analytics, Enterprise, SMB, ASEAN, Asia Pac, Singapore, India, IBM, Business, Tech, Startups, Arts, Philosophy, History -All views are my own-

Ivan Landen

Interested in Global Internet development, tech startups and new technologies. And Gin!

Anirban Dutta

Co-founder/CEO @getklarity ( | Tech Entrepreneur | Startup |

Alex Koh

Internet & Coffee Addict . Geek . Coder . Tech . Startups . Foodie

GeekGirl Meetup

A community for women in tech, code, startups and design. We showcase female role models in Singapore. Part of the global GeekGirl movement #ggm

Er Wee Cheng

Startup enthusiast who loves tech, nature and books. Likes to make things grow. Believe in the potential of the digital space and innovative technology.

Joshua Ooi

A Malaysian working in Singapore. Employee No. 1 at an ed-tech startup. Passionate about all things education and tech. Freshly minted Product Hunter!


@TechMeetups is a global inter-connected Tech community. We help #techcompanies from #startup to #highgrowth with #networking #mentoring #hackathons #promotion


Tech, banking, design, innovation, startups, money, food, politics, #cashsquare


Tech generalist, startup advisor, Angel Investor and Director at Singapore's Leo Tech.

Lucy Ping

PR / News for Tech Startups and App Developers

Rohan Pasari

Co-founder at @CialfoEdu. Passionate about #education and #tech. Love #traveling, #nonfiction and witty humor. #edtech #startups


Founder @zookal / startups / tech / education / asia

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