KNOWLEDGE BASE Data Privacy in United Arab Emirates

Data Security & Data Privacy Resources

Dubai Data- Dubai Data Law - The obligations of the entities and governing bodies is to ensure these objectives are understood by usage of open and shared data:

  • Data protection and privacy of the individual is our highest priority.

  • The most impactful and ready data will be shared first. Data will always be anonymous, hence untraceable, when it is opened.

  • The Dubai Data Initiative will increase transparency for the public.

  • Access and use of open data will not be traced or monitored. Access and use of shared data will be analysed in order to improve the experience for all stakeholders across Dubai.

  • Dubai Data will publish comprehensive guidelines, which serve all users and providers. The Dubai Data Manual contains this information.

  • Everyone will benefit from the Dubai Data Initiative.

  • When ever data is shared and made public it will be done following a rigorous process, security and IP-protection scheme defined in the law.

  • Sharing and opening data will allow the government to serve the public better, and hence improve people’s satisfaction and happiness.

KNOWLEDGE BASE Data Privacy in United Arab Emirates